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The city known as Invicta is a true open air museum.

Classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1996 and voted Best European Destination, the city of Porto is a source of history in all its shapes.

Amid granite mazes with endless winding staircases that lead us through unimaginable places, there are thousands of charms and nooks worth discovering in this city dedicated to its people and traditions.

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This city has something mystical about it, which varies according to place, time and daylight, but surely it is born of the people who live in it.

Walking the streets of Porto and feeling the pulse of the city is a unique experience.

Opening like a book on the Douro River at dusk, the humble and opulent Porto seduces us with its medieval downtown, divine food and wine and charismatic inhabitants.

From the paradisiacal scenery of the Douro to the clinking of the wine glasses at dusk, there are many charms you will find while strolling the city streets, each with a history of its own.

As a World Heritage city, it is the ideal starting point for a trip through the region’s natural and cultural diversity.

Known for the famous wine that goes from here to the four corners of the world, but also for a heritage that combines the antiquity of churches and monuments, such as the city’s cathedral or the S. Francis Church, with the contemporaneity of remarkable buildings such as Casa da Música (House of Music), the Serralves Museum and others, the city’s charm promises not to leave anyone indifferent.

In terms of gastronomy, Portugal conquers its visitors for its delicious dishes, but this is even truer in Porto and the Northern region.

In any restaurant, whether it is refined or more popular, a good meal is sure to be accompanied by the timeless Douro wines, or by the fresh green wine, both exquisite features of the region.