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Viana do Castelo

Viana do Castelo

A city that has always been deeply connected with the sea.

Viana do Castelo is one of the most beautiful cities in northern Portugal.

Its role in the Portuguese Discoveries and, later on, in cod fishing show a traditional connection to the sea.

But it's the emblazoned palaces, its churches, convents and fountains that enrich the city with a unique heritage worth visiting.

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Facing the sea that took part in building the history of Viana, a baroque church keeps the image of Senhora da Agonia, who “goes out” every year on August 20th to bless the sea in one of the most colourful festivals in Portugal, where beauty, joy and the city’s typical costumes take full control of the parade. Wise, Viana has been able to keep its traditions alive, and the gold filigree is a perfect example of that effort.

Traditional Portuguese jewellery has a markedly religious inspiration, and the “Heart of Viana” is no exception. This heart, which is currently used as a symbol of the city, emerged in Portugal with the cult of the Sacred Heart of Jesus at the end of the XVIII century.

In time, it became an emotional and iconic heritage of Portugal and the art of Portuguese filigree. To those who wear it, it is a symbol of honesty and generosity.

But Viana do Castelo is also considered a “Mecca of Architecture”, thanks to the many important names of contemporary Portuguese architecture that sign the city’s facilities and different areas.

Of unparalleled richness, the Vian ethnography makes the city the capital of Portuguese folklore.

The originality and functionality of its handicraft, with special emphasis on the dishes and embroidery, the assiduous and qualified cultural animation, are other attributes that make Viana do Castelo an extremely attractive city.